Rare Vocabularies



This word “abbatial” is an adjective I cannot find this word in my dictionary and only find “abbey” and “abbot” these two words related to “abbatial”. The word “abbey” is a noun it means “a large church with buildings connected to it where a group of monks or nuns live or used to live” the second word “abbot” is a person who have to charge an abbey.

I’m a sixteen-year-old girl I never have chance to see a real abbey. I think the main reason is that I live in city and seldom went out the city so all of the information likes how the abbeys looks like? Who live in there? are from the books and adults’ talking if I have money I wish I could travel through all the country in the world seeing different construction not only abbey also the culture one, and when I arrive to abbey maybe have a afternoon tea with their abbot (I think (hope) he is a wise man) will be a charming arrangement if we both have time. Maybe, before I fulfill this dream I should start to save my money right now!



    Hello, my name is Ulrica. It’s good to have you at my blog.

    As the title “Rare Vocabularies” shows, this blog will introduce vocabularies to you but it doesn’t only tell you the rare vocabulary but also show you my personal learning experiences and emotions when I found the vocabulary in the dictionary. To choose this topic I should learn to be courageous and determined because my small vocabulary pool will create a challenge for me. Thinking it twice, I find a subtle link between learning rare vocabulary and enlarging my vocabulary pool, although the vocabulary might not be the most used.

    I will update the page every two weeks in the school time. if the time allows, I will write more. Comments and welcomed.